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Kunststoffrecycling und 3D Druck Anlage von Biocraftlab

Do you want to make products from recycled plastic?

We accompany you from the idea to the finished product and help you as a partner in setting up your recycling project.

Together we will develop an individual recycling process according to your specifications, which, thanks to our cooperation, we can not only bring you closer to with a large number of machines for plastics processing, but also demonstrate it in a pilot plant on site for your project.

We look forward to your project request!

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What our customers say

We and our employees were enthusiastic about the individual cookie cutters.

F. Leitner Mineralöle GmbH

We were very happy with the 3D printed ribbosome and amazed at the size that is feasible.

Heidelberg University

Our customers loved the cellular cookie cutters.

TLL The Longevity Labs GmbH

Need inspiration?

In our project overview you will find a selection of exciting projects that we have carried out with companies. If you are also planning a project with recycled plastic, we look forward to your inquiry.

Filament aus 3D Druckabfällen

Filament from 3D printing waste

3D printing waste can be shredded and extruded to produce new filament that can be reused in 3D printing.

About the project
3D Druck aus PET Flaschen

3D printing from PET bottles

It is possible to make filament from PET bottles for 3D printing by shredding, heating and processing the bottles into strands that can then be wound into a spool.

About the project
Spritzguss mit recycelten Kunststoffabfällen

Injection molding with plastic waste

Plastic waste can be used to make injection molded parts by processing it into granules and then melting it at high temperatures to pour it into molds.

About the project
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