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Cookie cutter - Chemistry

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Chemistry Cookie Cutter Description

Our Chemistry cookie cutters make a great gift for chemistry students and make great gifts for teachers or professors. In the cookie cutter set chemistry are the shapes:

  • Atom
  • Sodium
  • Test tube
  • Serotonin
  • Micropipette

Production and material of cookie cutter chemistry

Our cookie cutters are sustainably manufactured using 3D printing from biodegradable plastic. PLA (polylactide) is used for this. This consists of ring-shaped closed lactic acid molecules. The advantage of this material is on the one hand its biodegradability and on the other hand its optimal food compatibility.

Important information about the use of the cookie cutter chemistry

Please do not use our cookie cutters in very hot environments! PLA shows a change in shape from 60°C. Therefore, we recommend not to wash our cookie cutters in the dishwasher but simply rinse them briefly by hand and dry them. We also use pure vegetable PLA without dyes, so the cookie cutters are transparent.

Awards and prizes of cookie cutter chemistry

Lab Journal Cookie Cutter Rating

Scientist magazine has given our cookie cutters chemistry a very good rating.

Conclusion of the test: "For science fans with a baking passion a must."

You can find the test of our cookie cutters from here.