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Bake vegan cookies? Benefits, Basics & Ingredients

Bake vegan cookies? Benefits, Basics & Ingredients

Do you absolutely need butter, eggs and milk for baking? That's not the case! In recent years, many people's perceptions have changed and the number of vegans and vegetarians in Germany continues to rise steadily. We'll show you how you can easily avoid animal products and bake tasty vegan cookies . Even after changing your vegan diet, your cookie cutters don't have to stay in the drawer .


Baking vegan cookies has several advantages

Vegan baking offers several benefits from both a health and ethical perspective.
  • Avoid animal suffering: The desire to avoid animal suffering is one of the main reasons for many people to bake vegan. By avoiding animal products such as eggs, butter and milk, they help reduce demand for them.
  • Suitable for allergy sufferers: Vegan baked goods are ideal for people who are allergic or intolerant to certain animal products.
  • Health Benefits: Baking vegan cookies can also have health benefits. For example, less saturated fats are often used, instead healthy fats from vegetable oils or nuts are used.
  • Lower environmental impact: Compared to a diet that includes animal products, a vegan diet is proven to be more environmentally friendly. Less water and land are required to produce plant-based ingredients. In addition, significantly fewer greenhouse gas emissions are generated.

Basics for vegan baking

If you want to bake vegan cookies, there are some basic tips to keep in mind compared to using ingredients containing animal products.
  • Adjust baking temperatures & baking times: When making vegan baked goods, adjusting the temperature and time in regular recipes is necessary. Plant ingredients react differently than their animal counterparts.
  • Do not stir for too long: If you stir the dough with vegan ingredients for too long, it can become tough. The dough can also become very sticky and difficult to remove from the cookie cutters. That's why it's advisable to stir dry and liquid ingredients separately. Mix everything together into a dough shortly before the actual baking process. A silicone spatula or whisk is usually sufficient for this.
  • Use high-quality ingredients: We will go into the specific replacement products in detail in the next section. However, it is fundamentally important to pay attention to high quality. High-quality plant-based ingredients will contribute significantly to improving the taste, texture and overall outcome of the cookies.
  • Sugar-free baking: Avoiding sugar is essential so that you can bake healthy vegan cookies. There are a whole range of options for this. Birch sugar, for example, has a similar sweetening power to conventional sugar. Other natural sweeteners that can be considered include maple syrup, agave syrup or apple puree. Coconut blossom sugar is also suitable and offers a very special taste experience with its light caramel note.

Important ingredients for vegan cookies

In order to bake vegan cookies , it is necessary to have the right ingredients on hand. For every animal product there is a suitable plant-based substitute.


Vegetable egg substitute powder is suitable for binding and loosening. It is available in every organic market and is usually made from sweet lupine flour or corn starch. You can use applesauce to lighten the dough. One tablespoon of this is enough to replace an egg. You can also replace an egg with half a mashed banana. You can use almond butter as another proven vegan substitute for eggs.


There is now a well-stocked shelf with vegan milk substitute products in almost every supermarket in Germany. However, it should be noted that not all types of vegan milk are equally suitable for baking cookies. Almond milk, hazelnut milk, oat milk or soy milk are recommended. To ensure that the end result meets your expectations, you should do a taste test in advance, as these types of milk all have their own taste.


Butter is another ingredient that needs to be substituted in many recipes. The well-known margarine has been tried and tested for years. However, it is not the only substitute for butter; fruit puree, coconut fat or oil can also be used. You can even use zucchini as they have moisturizing and binding properties similar to butter. This also works quite well because the zucchini has almost no taste of its own.


Bee honey is also not vegan, as it serves as a vital source of food for bees. When you bake vegan cookies, you can use three types of syrups. Dandelion syrup, sugar beet syrup or maple syrup are good choices as a substitute for honey.


One of the best substitutes for gelatin is agar-agar. This is a plant-based gelling agent that is made from cell walls of various types of algae. Be sure to follow the package instructions because agar-agar cannot be used in recipes in the same amount as gelatin.


Baking vegan cookies is no longer a problem with all the substitute products on the market and the taste will not differ much from your recipes with animal products . Simply veganize your classic recipes for cookies for Easter or Christmas. In our shop there are both matchingcookie cutters for Easter and cookie cutters for Christmas . There you will also find a lot of other cookie cutter themes that make excellent gift ideas. All of our cookie cutters are made from sustainable and biodegradable PLA .


Is baking vegan cookies complicated?

Baking vegan cookies is easier than it seems at first glance. You can convert many baking recipes into a vegan alternative using substitute products and veganize them, so to speak. In many cases, simply replacing eggs and butter with a plant-based product is enough. However, there are now a variety of delicious recipes that have been developed specifically for vegan cookies.

Is vegan baking generally healthier?

It cannot be said in general that vegan baking is healthier. This is because vegan baking ingredients can also contain sugar and fat. However, vegan baking is certainly the healthier alternative if you use high-quality ingredients and completely avoid sugar. The latter is particularly important.

Is vegan baking sustainable?

Although vegan cookies are free of animal products, they are not always sustainable. Some products have long transport routes to Germany or were contaminated with pesticides during cultivation. That's why it's also important to find out about the origin of the respective products and to give preference to regional companies. By the way, our cookie cutters are all sustainable.
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