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Large format 3D printing service

XXL 3D printing service

Great ideas need large format 3D printing

Applications of large format 3D printing

3D Druck Tisch

Architecture and construction

In construction, large format 3D printing enables the rapid and cost-effective creation of models and even entire building components. This speeds up the construction process and reduces material waste.

Motor 3D Druck Automobilindustrie

Automotive and aerospace industry

The automotive and aerospace industries benefit from the ability to print large, complex parts that were previously only possible through complex and expensive manufacturing processes. This results in lighter and more efficient components.

3D Druck Christbaum mit Dekoration

Art and Design

Artists and designers use large format 3D printing to create stunning installations and bespoke pieces that go beyond traditional manufacturing techniques.

Dinosaurier 3D Druck Museum

Medicine and Research

In medicine and research, large format 3D printing enables the production of tailor-made prostheses, implants and even organ models for surgical planning.

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What is large format 3D printing?

Large format 3D printing refers to the production of very large objects using additive manufacturing.

While conventional 3D printers are often limited to smaller objects, large format 3D printers can produce much larger structures in one piece.

This opens up new opportunities for various industries that rely on large-scale and complex components .

Large format 3D printing offers numerous advantages, including the ability to create large prototypes and final products without the need for assembly or additional joints. Applications include architectural models , industrial prototypes , art installations and more.

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Advantages of large format 3D printing

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Large format 3D printing service

Our large format 3D printing service in Graz places great value on sustainability and customer satisfaction. We accompany you from the idea to the prototype and advise you to achieve the best outcome for your object.

Our services:

If you don't have any 3D models yet, we'll be happy to help you with the design and turn your idea into a printable object.

Large format 3D printing:
Our state-of-the-art large format 3D printers enable the production of large and complex objects in one piece, reducing material waste and saving costs.

We are your reliable partner from the design process to series production. Contact us for individual advice and support.

Your benefits:

Time and cost efficiency:
Large format 3D printing saves you time and money because large objects can be printed without additional connections and assembly.

High precision and flexibility:
The technology enables precise and flexible manufacturing, perfect for individual and tailor-made solutions.

By using recycled materials and minimal material waste, we offer an environmentally friendly production method.

Just send us a message or give us a call. We would be happy to support you with your large format 3D printing project.

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Large format 3D printer

We revolutionize your projects by using large format 3D printers. Affordably and quickly using pellet 3D printers or precisely and versatilely using filament 3D printers. Our state-of-the-art machines enable the production of large and detailed objects.

Grossformat 3D Drucker Extruder

Pellet 3D printer

Ginger.One 1.4

  • Print area: 1000 x 1000 x 1000 mm
  • Material: Recycled PLA or PETG
  • Layer height: 1 mm - 5 mm
  • Advantage: Fast implementation and low price
  • Disadvantage: Visible lines and limited geometry
Elegoo Orange Storm 3D Drucker

Filament 3D printer

Elegoo Giga Storm Orange

  • Printing area: 800 x 800 x 1000 mm
  • Material: Recycled PLA or PETG
  • Layer height: 0.3 mm - 1 mm
  • Advantage: Versatile geometry and fine details
  • Disadvantage: Longer production and higher costs

Sustainable 3D printing service

By using 3D printing, we can produce locally and sustainably. When you commission our 3D printing service, you will receive sustainable 3D printing with a zero-waste approach and recycling methods.

Recycelte PLA Pellets

Use of recycled materials

By using recycled plastic in the printing process, large format 3D printing helps reduce waste and conserve resources. Recycled pellets can be used to create a wide range of colors and color gradients tailored to customer requirements.

Examples of large format 3D printing

Large-format 3D printed objects offer a wide range of possible applications. These include tailor-made pieces of furniture, modular components for buildings, impressive art installations and large-format prototypes. 3D printing also opens up new possibilities in exhibition construction and decorative objects, such as impressive exhibition models and individual decorations. These large-format 3D printing examples from Ginger Additive customers show the innovative power and diversity of large-format 3D printing.

Regional & Sustainable Our products are manufactured regionally using 3D printing from biodegradable or recycled plastic.
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