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Custom casting molds

Your mold in the desired motif

For soap molds, chocolate molds or candle holder molds
Edelsteine Seifen aus Seifenformen

Your individual molds

Sustainable manufacturing

Your custom molds are made from recyclable PETG, some of which are made from recycled plastic. The PETG used has been tested and approved for food contact to ensure optimum food contact compatibility.

Personalized desired motif

Thanks to 3D printing, we are able to produce your own personal desired motifs for the negative mold. We can design and produce your very own personal forms based on a single image .

Detailed shapes

When manufacturing our moulds, we attach particular importance to quality. Thanks to our vacuum former, we can also produce smaller objects for you, such as for pralines. The size of the object can be up to 20×20x10 cm , small objects can also be placed in a row on one form more often.

Good support

We are happy to support you from the idea to the finished desired shape. Just write us a message or give us a call . We are also happy to be at your disposal with our knowledge and suggestions for the production of your idea.

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This is how your idea becomes a mould

Vakuumform Herstellung Edelstein

Your casting mold from the vacuum former

We currently offer a maximum mold size of 20x20x10 cm . Smaller objects can also be applied several times to the form. For the creation of our molds we use recyclable PETG which was partly produced from plastic residues. The material used is tested for food contact and can be used for chocolate molds and candy making.

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Prices for individual molds

There are one-time costs for the creation of the 3D model per design. You are directly involved in the design process and receive an image of the 3D designed object. After your confirmation of the 3D design and size, we start 3D printing.

After creating the 3D object, this serves as the starting point for creating your casting mold.

One time per design: €30.00
Per 3D printed object: €10.00
Per mold (20x20 cm): €50.00

Your idea as a mould

Simply send us your desired motif by e-mail to or contact us directly.

Regional & Sustainable Our products are manufactured regionally using 3D printing from biodegradable or recycled plastic.
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