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Sustainable production with plastic


Our mission

Sustainability and plastics do not have to be opposites.

Our company is committed to environmentally friendly production of plastic products and relies exclusively on sustainable materials. By using recycled or biodegradable plastic and energy-efficient modern manufacturing processes, we contribute to a better environment.

Our products are durable and of high quality so that they can be used for a long time. In this way, we try to reduce resource consumption and waste generation.

We want to show our customers that thinking and acting sustainably does not have to mean restrictions, but can rather lead to innovative approaches and forward-looking solutions.

Learn more about our sustainable 3D printing and how you can actively contribute to a better future.

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Our principles for sustainable production

Recyclingprozess für 3D Druck Material

Our sustainable value chain

In cooperation with the recycling factory, we were able to establish a sustainable value chain for plastics.

All our 3D printing waste as well as filament rolls are recycled by the recycling factory. The resulting recycled filament is directly used in our 3D printing farm for new 3D printing orders.

Current recycling status

Approaches to the sustainable use of plastics

In addition to the cooperation with the recycling factory, we ourselves also pursue approaches to the sustainable use of plastics. In our projects we show the implementation of these sustainable approaches. If you are also planning a project with recycled plastic, we might be the right partner for you.

Filament aus 3D Druckabfällen

Filament from 3D printing waste

3D printing waste can be shredded and extruded to produce new filament that can be reused in 3D printing.

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3D Druck aus PET Flaschen

3D printing from PET bottles

It is possible to make filament from PET bottles for 3D printing by shredding, heating and processing the bottles into strands that can then be wound into a spool.

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Spritzguss mit Kunststoffabfällen

Injection molding with plastic waste

Plastic waste can be used to make injection molded parts by processing it into granules and then melting it at high temperatures to pour it into molds.

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