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Cookie cutters

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Labor Keksausstecher - Keksausstecher Set mit bemalten Keksen
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Anatomie Keksausstecher mit glasierten Keksen
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Chemistry Cookie Cutters Biocraftlab with iced Cookies
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Medizin Keksausstecher mit glasierten Keksen
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Mikrobiologie Keksausstecher mit glasierten Keksen
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Pharmacy Cookie Cutters Biocraftlab with iced Cookies
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Marine biology Cookie Cutters Biocraftlab with iced Cookies
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Keksausstecher Ostern mit glasierten Keksen
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Individuelle Keksausstecher aus besonderen Ausstechformen

Didn't find a suitable cookie cutter?

We will be happy to create your personal cookie cutter based on a photo or logo. Contact us.

Individual cookie cutters

The perfect gift for cookie lovers and baking fans!

Give the gift of particularly sweet moments with our sustainably produced cookie cutters made from biodegradable plastic. Thanks to the detailed design of our cookie cutters, simple butter cookies and glazed cookies look great.

Glazed cookies

Thanks to the embossed details in our cookie cutters, the cut cookies can easily be glazed in a colorful way.

Simple butter cookies

Even without icing, you can use our cookie cutters to make beautiful cookies with little effort.
Tolle Keksrezepte für wissenschaftliche Keksausstecher

Free cookie recipe book

With an order of €40 or more, you will receive our new recipe booklet for the best biscuit recipes !

Make a sweet "Eureka!" 😮💡🍪🎁

Attention, the quantities are limited!

The advantages of our cookie cutters

Our cookie cutters combine sustainability with innovation as they are made from biodegradable PLA using 3D printing. They also impress with their detailed and diverse designs, which make for beautiful cookies.

Biologisch abbaubarer 3D Druck


Our cookie cutters are made from pure, biodegradable PLA.

Lüneburg Wassertrurm Kekse mit Teigroller

Richness of detail

The cookie cutters have embossed elements that ensure particularly beautiful cookies.

3D Druck Graz Maschinen in Arbeit


Thanks to 3D printing, we can produce cookie cutters quickly and in a resource-saving manner.

Bunte Keksausstecher in Mehl


Our cookie cutters come in many designs, from Easter motifs to medicine cutters.

The production of our cookie cutters

Ideation - We brainstorm about different motifs to create unique cookie cutters. Whether nature, science or seasonal themes, everything is possible.

3D design - We use special software to create 3D models of the selected motifs for our cookie cutters.

3D printing - Our cookie cutters are made from PLA, a biodegradable plastic, using 3D printing. You can find out more about 3D printing here .

Quality Testing - Each cookie cutter is thoroughly tested. We bake different recipes, take photos and of course taste the cookies! You can find more recipes here .

Our biscuit gallery

We are always happy to see photos of successful biscuit creations from our customers.
You can find a few cookie highlights in our ever expanding gallery below.

Our cookie cutter blog

Our cookie cutter blog is the ultimate destination for all baking enthusiasts and cookie lovers. Here you will not only find a wide selection of creative cookie cutters, but also inspiring cookie recipes and helpful tips for using your cookie cutters.