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Dissecting instruments - Medicine

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Description of Medicine Dissecting Set

Dissecting kit for medical students with black dissecting kit case and high quality reusable stainless steel instruments. The dissecting or dissecting kit is suitable for almost all prep courses in medical school and is the best equipment for dissection exercises in the specialties of anatomy and pathology.

Instruments included in the dissecting set
  • Surgical scissors (blunt-pointed)
  • Scissors, straight, 14 cm + forceps, pointed, 11.2 cm
  • Scissors, pointed, 11.7 cm
  • Muscle hook
  • Anatomical tweezers
  • Splinter tweezers
  • Button probe 160 mm, 2 mm diameter
  • Scalpel handle 10 blades
  • Scalpel handle 20 blades
  • Dissecting needle, straight, 13.5 cm + dissecting needle, curved, 12.5 cm
  • Dissecting instruments case made of imitation leather with velvet lining

Important information on the use of the dissecting instruments
  • The use of the dissecting instruments should only be used during university exercises under supervision.
  • Please use the dissecting instruments responsibly and with caution!
  • Proper use of the dissecting instruments is only warranted on specimens.

Awards and prizes for our dissecting instruments

Biocraftlab Dissecting Instruments Rating


The guidebook for pupils and students has given our dissecting instruments a very good rating.

You can find the test from www.prä here.

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