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Decorative vessel - Axolotl

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Description of the Kawaii Axolotl decorative vessels

Immerse yourself in the magical world of 3D printed axolotl vases in adorable kawaii style! These unique works of art combine the grace of these fascinating aquatic creatures with the sparkling magic of kawaii design to enrich your living space with sweet charm.

The Axolotl vases are designed with meticulous attention to detail to capture the lovable nature of the Axolotls. The large, round eyes and friendly mouth will bring a smile to your face, while the delicate gills on the sides of the head add fabulous authenticity. Every aspect of the vases has been carefully designed to represent the playful beauty of these extraordinary creatures.

Made from high quality and sustainable 3D printed plastic, these vases are not only eye-catching but also functional. They offer a stylish way to display your favorite flowers, colorful bouquets or cute plants. Add a touch of cuteness and freshness to your decor while sharing the uniqueness and wonder of the axolotl world.

Get these adorable 3D printed kawaii style axolotl vases now and be enchanted by their grace. Imagine how these adorable axolotl vases will shine in your living room, bedroom or even as an adorable table centerpiece at your next party! A must for anyone looking for a unique decorative piece that will take hearts by storm!

Characteristics of the decorative vessels - Axolotl
  • Internal dimensions

  • External dimensions

  • Weight
    250 g

  • characteristics
    - With an opening for succulents, pens or utensils

Production and material of the Axolotl decorative vessel

Our decorative vessels are sustainably manufactured using 3D printing from biodegradable plastic. So-called PLA (polylactide) is used. This consists of lactic acid molecules closed in a ring. The advantage of this material is, on the one hand, its biodegradability and, on the other hand, its optimal water repellency.

Important information about using the Axolotl flower pot

Please do not use our decorative vessels in very hot environments! PLA shows a change in shape from 60°C. We therefore recommend not washing our decorative vessels in the dishwasher but simply rinsing them briefly by hand and drying them. We also use purely plant-based PLA with dyes.

Regional & Sustainable Our products are manufactured regionally using 3D printing from biodegradable or recycled plastic.
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