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Sticker - Bacteria (E. coli)

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Description of the Kawaii Bacteria Stickers

Our kawaii bacteria stickers are carefully made from strong and durable vinyl that is suitable for both indoor and outdoor use. They stick perfectly to various surfaces such as laptops, cellphones, notebooks, water bottles and more. You can also stick them on your fridge, mirror or even your car to add a scientific touch to your everyday life.

Each sticker has been designed with great attention to detail and features a cute E. coli bacterium with big eyes, a smiling face and bright colors. You can use them individually or combine them with our other stickers to create creative collages.

Our stickers are particularly popular with medical students or scientists and are ideal as a gift idea.

Characteristics of bacteria Sticker E.coli
  • Size

  • characteristics
    - Multiple pasting possible (removable)
Production and material of the bacteria kawaii stickers

Our Kawaii Bacteria Stickers are made from high quality 80µ vinyl in a beautiful gloss white finish. This material has been carefully selected to ensure the stickers are durable, hard wearing and of high quality.

The 80µ vinyl sheet is thick enough to ensure good adhesion and durability while being flexible enough to conform to the contours of the surface. This allows you to easily attach the stickers to different objects.

Important information on how to use the Kawaii Bacteria Stickers

Applying the Kawaii Bacteria Stickers is easy and effortless. Thoroughly clean the desired surface, remove the protective film on the back of the sticker and carefully place it in the desired location. Press gently to make sure it sticks well.

Regional & Sustainable Our products are manufactured regionally using 3D printing from biodegradable or recycled plastic.
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