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Cookie Cutter - Fishing and Fish

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Color - Transparent
Regional & Sustainable Our products are manufactured regionally using 3D printing from biodegradable or recycled plastic.

Our cookie cutters from trout to fishing rod are a great gift for anglers and hobby fishermen and are ideal as a Father's Day gift.
The fishing and fish cookie cutters consist of the following cookie cutters:

Carp Cookie Cutter
Pike Cookie Cutter
Salmon Cookie Cutter
Catfish Cookie Cutter
Trout Cookie Cutter
Sturgeon Cookie Cutter
Angel Cookie Cutter
Fishing Float Cookie Cutter
Fishing Hook Cookie Cutter
Gone Fishing Cookie Cutter

• Suitable for cookie dough, fondant, polymer clay and clay.
• To make it easier to remove the cutters, dust them with flour before use.
• Roll out the dough to about 0.5 cm thick for perfect details.
• Use chilled and non-rising dough for recipe.

The height of the cookie cutters is 1 cm with 0.6 cm embossed elements. The longest side of the cookie cutters is approximately 5-10 cm.

Sustainable cookie cutters made from biodegradable plastic. Please do not wash above 50°C! Remove dough residue with a soft brush and soapy water.

Our cookie cutters are sustainably manufactured using 3D printing from biodegradable plastic. We use what is known as PLA (polylactide). This consists of ring-shaped lactic acid molecules. The advantage of this material is that it is biodegradable and that it is ideal for use with food. We also use purely plant-based PLA without any coloring, which is why the cookie cutters are transparent.

Do you have a design or idea you want to turn into a cookie cutter? Check out our custom cookie cutters .

Unique cookies in seconds

Thanks to our semi-deep embossing elements, unique cookies can be created even without icing. With a cookie thickness of 0.5 cm, unique cookies can be baked in no time.

Free cookie recipe book

With every order you will receive our new recipe booklet for the best cookie recipes !

Create a sweet surprise with recipes for glazed chocolate cookies or coconut cookies. 🍪🎁

Regional & Sustainable Our products are manufactured regionally using 3D printing from biodegradable or recycled plastic.
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