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3D Drucker Graz

Sustainable and cheap 3D printing service Graz

Sustainable and cheap 3D printing service Graz

A sustainable approach to plastic

Plastic is in the spotlight worldwide when it comes to environmental pollution. While plastic is convenient, it takes thousands of years for it to completely dissolve. A good example of this is the world's oceans and the microplastic that is already in our food. Fish in particular ingest the fine granules. This is now eaten by other larger fish. This list can be continued endlessly. In the end, microplastic also ends up in the human organism, where it causes long-term damage to our organs.

Furthermore, most of the plastic produced is made from petroleum, which also has a negative impact on the environment. Very slowly, the industry is starting to produce plastic from sustainable raw materials and recycle plastic from already produced plastic containers and reuse them for modern manufacturing methods like sustainable 3D printing.

3D printing Graz by Biocraftlab stands for sustainable 3D printing

At Biocraftlab, we rely on biodegradable plastic. This plastic, produced from renewable resources, is known by the abbreviation PLA. We use for the production of plastic products at the sustainable 3D printing Graz without exception only biodegradable filament (PLA) or already recycled filament (rPET or rPLA).

recycle plastic with Biocraftlab 3D printing service

Another point of our sustainable 3D printing service is to recycle plastic waste for 3D printing or to use it for innovative plastic processing machines. This involves shredding and reusing 3D printing waste such as support material and defective objects. We also focus on the recycling of plastic containers. From plastic parts from PET bottles, PP disposable plastic from the lab to HDPE lids and cans, we use a range of plastics for recycling and reuse in 3D printing or injection molding.

The collected plastics are first sorted by material and shredded to granules. Currently we use the following plastics in our processes:

  • PP (Polypropylene)
  • HDPE (High Density Polyethylene)
  • PLA (Polylactide acid)
  • PET (polyethylene terephthalate)

Shreddern von Kunststoffabfall aus dem 3D Druck

Using shredders, plastic containers can be easily recycled into granules (pellets) for the production of 3D printing filament.

The shredded plastic waste and granules are then sorted and stored for further use or used directly. At Biocraftlab, we use the recycled plastic for 3D printing or for injection molding and compression molding processes to test series production and for prototype development.

Aluminium Spritzgussform für Karabiner

By means of aluminum molds, objects can be realized in a short time in the injection molding process, which makes this technology ideal for series production of simple components.

Thanks to different aluminum molds we can produce from the crushed plastic waste and the 3D printing granules again produce innovative objects from the 3D printer or the injection molding machine and offer them to our customers. 3D printing service cheap customers.

Karabiner aus recycelten Kunststoff

The limits in the production of plastic objects are almost limitless by means of 3D printing and unconventional plastic processing machines.

Our Graz 3D printing service is also actively engaged in preventing everyday plastic waste. For example, a process has been developed to old PET bottles to recycle. Through intensive collaboration and information exchange with various NGOs and recycled PET filament manufacturers, we have been able to use recycled plastic as an sustainable 3D printing Service established in the market.

Herstellung von PET Filament aus Plastikflaschen

Recycled PET filament for 3D printing can be made from cut strips of PET bottles.

3D Printing Graz - Biocraftlab prints products for every customer

All manufactured products from our 3D printing service in Graz are locally made. Sustainable 3D printing is what makes us and we are especially proud of this and can offer our 3D printing service at a reasonable price.

3D printing by Biocraftlab from Austria offers its service to customers from all over the world, helping customers to make sustainable products from plastic all over the world.

3D printing service private or 3D printing service for companies

With Biocraftlab we offer private 3D printing for customers or 3D printing for companies. We also offer a 3D printing recycling service for plastic service where we are always involved in exciting projects. One of our current projects is to Cookie cutters from 3D printer for business to produce cookie cutters. But not only cookie cutters are produced at our 3D Printing Service for Business are produced. You can also find decoration pieces and lots of small gift ideas made from sustainable plastic.

3D printing service private with biodegradable plastic

Especially the recycling of plastic offers a way to make small gifts. By means of 3D printing service for private we offer this sustainable 3D printing service on a whole new level. In the assortment of Biocraftlab at 3D printing Graz you can find for example:

  • Cookie cutter microbiology
  • Cookie cutter laboratory
  • Cookie Cutter Medicine
  • Cookie Cutter Anatomy
  • Cookie Cutter Chemistry
  • Cookie cutter marine biology
  • Cookie Cutter Pharmacy
  • Dissecting set biology
  • Decoration jar bacteriophage

Glasierte Kekse und Keksausstecher von Biocraftlab

3D printer cookie cutters from Biocraftlab in scientific design.

However, these gift ideas are not only special for medical students, but for all people who deal with this subject. We are happy to produce for you on request individual cookie cutter produce.


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