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Individuelle Keksausstecher und Plätzchenausstecher

Individual cookie cutters from the 3D printer

Individual cookie cutters from the 3D printer

Biocraftlab Cookie Cutter - Cookie Baking 2.0

When it comes to cookie cutters, many people probably think of the Advent season. But cookie baking is in season all year round and there are many beautiful motifs besides the classic angels, stars and hearts. Especially with personalized cookie cutters, there are plenty of occasions for a baking binge at birthdays or employee events and just for snacking.

Tip: Especially at company parties you can score with personalized cookies in the shape of the company logo!

Personalized cookie cutters from Biocraftlab

But what distinguishes our cookie cutters from the ordinary, metallic versions and why should they be preferred? We are optimistic and convinced by the product and we put the following arguments on the scale:


The shapes of our individual cookie cutters are made with the help of a 3D printer. The design can be created individually. This leaves the baker free to develop and design according to his imagination and creativity. The commercial cookie cutters are also available in various designs, but these are found in some kitchens and are anything but individual. Standard shapes include little hearts, fir trees, stars, Christmas boots, etc. But for the birth of the niece, you might prefer to give a few cookies in the shape of a pacifier? And what to do when the little daughter wants unicorn cookies? Or you want to bake cookies in car design for a son who has just come of age for passing his driver's license test? How about spooky cookies with mummies and monsters for Halloween? With the 3D printer, that's no problem at all.

Tip: A picture of your desired motif is enough and we will create the matching cookie cutter in 3D design for you.

Individuelle Keksausstecher aus dem 3D Drucker

Individual cookies with the truck to the syringe wanted?
No problem, here you go to the individual cookie cutters.


Our cookie cutters are made of PLA (polylactide), a biodegradable plastic that is also food safe. The cookie cutters are extremely durable and have a long lifespan, which is why they have earned the label "sustainable". The 3D printer is so precise that even the smallest details of the designed molds can be transferred to the final product. The material is solid plastic and available in an infinite number of colors, so we can make true designer pieces and unique items, so to speak. The only thing our individual cookie cutters don't like is heat, so you should always wash them by hand or with a maximum of 30°C in the dishwasher.

Nachhaltiges 3D Druck Filament PLA

Our PLA is available in many colors, it complies with FDA guidelines for food compliance as well as hazardous ingredients (RoHs 2) and chemical substances (REACH).


There are plenty of opportunities to get creative with a baking session. With the standard molds from the trade made of metal, you are less flexible. Our molds adapt to the occasion, not the other way around.

Cookie connoisseurs are as individual as our products, with their preferences and possibly allergies or intolerances. Fortunately, there are enough recipes to meet the needs. There are chocolate fans who love cookies with chocolate chips, others like it better when the cookies contain coconut. If you have a gluten intolerance, wheat-free preparation is recommended and diabetics can sweeten their cookies with little tricks. You can find our favorite cookie recipe for everyone here.

Tip: With every order of your custom cookie cutters, we'll include a free cookbook with delicious cookie recipes.

Besides, who says cookies have to be sweet? Savoury treats are also welcome as a snack in between. A nice idea, for example, is to use homemade bread or bread dough, cheese or sausage as a base and use the cut-out pieces to prepare a butterfly-shaped sandwich for a child's birthday party. Or to cut out small party skewers for the adults in shamrock design for New Year's Eve.

Tolle Keksrezepte für wissenschaftliche Keksausstecher

Included with every order, our cookbook with the best cookie recipes for our fancy cookie cutters.

The advantages of the individual cookie cutters from Biocraftlab at a glance

Due to the enormous range of possible uses, the personalized design and the quality of the cookie cutters, also with regard to environmental protection, baking is always a lot of fun and the cookie cutters will certainly not gather dust in the kitchen cupboard, but will be in regular use. Hobby baker's hearts beat faster and those with a sweet tooth will be delighted. And we can guarantee that the cookies will definitely stand out visually!

With Biocraftlab's custom cookie cutters, the sky's the limit when it comes to baking creativity. Whether you are planning cookies for employees, cookies for customers, or cookies for family and friends, Biocraftlab's unique cookie cutters are guaranteed to create a successful surprise.

Feel free to contact us directly by email or via our form, we will support you from the idea to the finished 3D printed cookie cutter.

Learn more about our individual cookie cutters here.


  • Guten Tag, wäre es möglich das ihr für unseren Geschäftsbeginn eine grössere Keksform macht, mit oben STOFERS in Schrift, unten MET in Scheift & inder Mitte ein Thorshammer? Das wäre mega

    Iris Steiner on

  • Hallo,
    Ich hätte gern einen Ausstecher in Form eines Logos einer Cafebar (das Logo ist ein Affe). Wie viel würde so etwas kosten?

    Valentina Kern on

  • Guten Tag, wir hätten gerne 2 Formen. Eine Schwalbe und ein Islandpony. Ist das möglich und wie lange bräuchten Sie dafür?

    Danke und viele Grüße Janna Gerstenberger

    Janna Gerstenberger on

  • Die Ausstecher sind prima, obwohl meine Form wirklich nicht einfach ist.
    Meine Kundschaft liebt die Kekse und es ist eine wunderbare Werbung für mein Unternehmen.
    Es war für mich ein riesen Spaß und durch ihre schnelle Bearbeitung und die gute Abstimmung konnte ich das Projekt so schnell realisieren.
    Ganz großartiger Service und auch das Produkt ist einfach spitze!!! *

    Angela Wamsler von TIMO on

  • Vielen Dank für Ihre Anfrage,

    sehr gerne melden wir uns direkt bei Ihnen per E-Mail.

    Beste Grüße,
    Nico Teuschler

    Nico Teuschler on

  • Hallo zusammen, ich brauche eine einfache “Serumflasche”, davon habe ich eine Foto vom Kunden bekommen, reicht das aus`?
    Wie schnell kann der hergestellt werden, im besten Falle hätte ich ihn kommenden Freitag den 11.11.
    Mit den besten Grüßen Matthias Ludwigs

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